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Blended Learning from VirtualEDU

Are you ready to start offering online courses to compliment the live courses you offer in your school? Do your students need Advanced
Placement and credit recovery classes? Are you struggling to provide the individual attention your students need in the face of drastic budget cuts?
Have you cut summer school classes because of the budget? If so, this is the best time to partner with VirtualEDU and begin offering virtual courses for Grades 6-12 in your custom branded online Middle school and online High School.
Because VirtualEDU has the most powerful learning management system (LMS) and course management system, we can create your customized school in as little as one month with no-start up costs for schools with 100 students or more!

VirtualEDU Turnkey solutions:

1. Eliminates the need to contract with an LMS provider – significantly reducing costs and programming
2. Eliminates the months, or even year, of developing a school, curriculum and courses.
3. Provides everything you need to offer online, offline and blended courses to students worldwide.
4. Provides either an annual licensing or revenue share model so that you can retain your funds for growth

Who should offer blended learning?

  • School Districts who want to keep their student funding from going to other online providers and who need to offer summer school and credit recover programs
  • Charter Schools and Independent Schools who want to increase course offerings
  • Education Organizations and Community Groups who want to better serve their community
VirtualEDU offers a proven learning management system (LMS) and curriculum development program that can save you many years of effort. We have used our LMS to educate over 6000 students in grades 6-12 over the past 6 years. It's been proven; virtual learning works. We have over 200 full and half credit courses to choose from and are constantly developing new courses every quarter. All ebooks and materials (videos, audio, powerpoint presentations, and flash movies) are included in the curriculum
We are ready to help. Providing online classes is the best way to serve all your students and with VirtualEDU, you don’t have staggering start-up and per-student costs that can ruin your budget. We are ready to work with you on either a revenue share or costs as low as $49.95 per student per month. No one else can provide high quality, accredited summer school classes for less.
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