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Family and Consumer

  • 8500390 Food and Nutrition

    The first semester provides instruction in the principles of food prep. This course covers the food pyramid, making wise food choices, storage & selection of foods and basic food preparation. The second semester covers nutrient benefits, eating disorders, meal planning, budgeting and preparation, as well as ethnic influences and how health is related to diet both here and in countries around the world. Recommended for juniors and seniors only. 1 Credit
  • 8500380 Fabric Construction

    This semester long course is a beginning class where students learn basic sewing skills. Simple garments such as boxers, skirts/shirts and quilts are made. The garment requirements are flexible enough to accommodate both male and female students. Great class for reinforcing math and reading skills. 0.5 Credit
  • 8506405 Fashion Design I

    First in the Fashion Design cluster. Students learn the basics of garment construction. Students operate and maintain equipment necessary for sewing; sewing machines, serger, pressing equipment. Boxer shorts are the first of many garments made in the beginning class. Use and care of sergers and embroidery machines are taught. 1 Credit
  • 8506410 Fashion Design II

    It includes employment opportunities in fashion design services. Students learn to use the embroidery machine and to construct “the perfect pants” among other more advanced garments. The first part of the portfolio begins in this class. Prerequisite: Design Services I 1 Credit
  • 8506420 Fashion Design III

    Students learn to use a CAD program to design patterns. Formals, lined jackets are among the type of garments made at this level. Prerequisite: Principles of Fashion Design. 1 Credit
  • 8506540 Interior Design I

    This program will offer students the opportunity to be exposed to the career field of architectural design. Students will be provided with the foundation of Auto CAD and design principles including space planning and architectural design. This program will incorporate joint projects with the Fashion Design Services, Drafting Design, and Graphic Design programs at Satellite High School.
  • 8506550 Interior Design II – Techniques

    This is the 2nd year of the Interior Design Program. Must have completed Interior Design I to take this class.
  • 8503211 Early Childhood Education I

    Be a preschool teacher in our own Scorpland Preschool! Work with young children while you learn! Class prepares for employment in the child care field and provides experience working with young children; covers principles of child development, preparing and maintaining a safe healthy learning environment, DCF rules and regulations, preparing developmentally appropriate materials. Get gooey with paint and play doh! Required for Early Childhood Ed II and III.
  • 88503212 Early Childhood Education II

    Taken simultaneously with Early Childhood Education III as a 2-period block. Earn BCC credit by playing with children! Continues coursework of Early Childhood Ed I by expanding responsibilities working in Scorpland Preschool as well as working in other local preschools. Further develops child care skills and knowledge of child development while completing college coursework. Students will earn 12 credits from BCC toward an A.S. degree in Early Childhood and their 40 hour DCF certificates. Topics include Intro to Early Childhood and Early Childhood Curriculum. Course requires teacher approval.
  • 8503213 Early Childhood Education III

    Taken concurrently with Early Childhood Education II, students continue to implement the roles of the child care center staff, while broadening their base of experience and knowledge. Prepare for 40 DCF certificates while covering the topics of Conflict Resolution and Infant-Toddler Development. Students completing the Early Childhood series of classes may be eligible to earn the Bright Futures Gold Seal Scholarship. Course requires teacher approval. Early Childhood II and III are taken as a 2-hour block. Once admitted to this class students must fill out an application to BCC, attend a dual enrollment orientation and take a college placement test before school begins in August. Qualifying tests are the SAT, ACT or CPT, which may be taken at BCC. There is no minimum score necessary.

High School

  • Graduation Requirements

    To be awarded a regular high school diploma, a student must have:
    • Completed all high school credit requirements as defined below.
    • Met the attendance requirements.
    • Demonstrated satisfactory mastery of the Performance Standards in reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies as documented in accordance with procedures described in administrative guidelines.
    • Earned a minimum cumulative unweighted grade point average for specific high school diploma option. This GPA is computed on all courses taken, except courses forgiven under state and district policies.
    • Received the principal’s approval for graduation.
  • Accelerated Programs

    State regulations provide opportunities for schools and colleges to offer students programs for acceleration. Detailed information concerning these programs may be obtained from the school counselors. Students and parents need to review college and university graduation requirements for their intended course of study.
  • College Level Work

    Students who have demonstrated readiness to pursue college level work while still in high school are afforded the opportunity to do so by participating in the following programs:

    Advanced Placement (AP) is the enrollment of an eligible secondary student in courses offered by the AP Program administered by the College Board. Course descriptions and course examinations are prepared by the College Board. Examinations are administered at high school sites in May of each year at a fee established by the College Board. Students who successfully complete the course work in an Advanced Placement class receive credit toward high school graduation. Postsecondary credit for an AP course shall be awarded at Florida public colleges/universities to students who score a minimum of 3 on a 5-point scale on the corresponding AP exam. Although most colleges and universities grant advanced placement and/or credit to students presenting AP Examination grades of 3 or higher, policies on awarding college credit are the decision of the individual institution. All students enrolled in an AP course are required to take the AP exam. Students shall be exempt from the payment of any fees for administration of the exam regardless of whether or not the student achieves a passing score on the exam. (s.1007.27(6), F.S.)

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