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NCAA NEWSLETTER: American High School

HIGH SCHOOL NEWSLETTER // JULY 2017 UPDATED EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES Thank you for all you do to inform and educate your student-athletes and parents about the NCAA academic standards. Our outreach and education efforts are ongoing and we have some updated materials to share with you. The following resources are designed to help you and your colleagues as you provide information to students and families, and assist them with the initial-eligibility, registration and certification process. Please refer to our redesigned registration website,, or our educational site, for even more information.Our updated and traditional resources for the 2017-18 school year can be found on our Educational Resources page and include: Guide for the...
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American High School: Online High School with Social Interaction

Online high schools have come a long way over the past decade. In the beginning, many of these types of schools offered mainly correspondence programs, with little interaction. Parents would worry that their children would just be reading from a book all day. Many students found these programs boring and it was hard to engage students in the learning process. With the incorporation of online videos, labs, and audio lessons, online programs changed drastically. Now, parents could homeschool their children using an interactive program that keeps kids engaged. Since then, online high schools and online middle schools have seen unprecedented growth. Unfortunately, there is something that is still missing. Over the past ten years, American High School has been at the forefront of online...
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Choosing the Right Online School

The right online school should be chosen by the student who will be attending with the help of their parents. The task of choosing the school from hundreds of institutions in the online school community can be a daunting. Research has to be conducted to find the right school that suits your needs. Here are a few tips to be followed while making this important decision in life. First step for the student is to decide whether online learning is what you are looking for. A person who can learn independently can find online courses to be effective. Look for all the schools that are certified and accredited. This can assure that credits are transferable from one high school to the next and that your diploma will be accepted by colleges and universities. It is necessary to read about all...
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Signs High School Homeschooling Might Be Right for Your Child

The decision to transfer a child to an online high school is unique to each family. There are, however, some key signs that it’s time to make a change. #education #homeschooling #onlineeducation #florida Signs High School Homeschooling Might Be Right for Your Child 1.Your child is failing at their current school. There are many factors that effect a child’s progress at school. Anything from the teachers, peer pressure, anxiety, etc can all affect a student’s performance in school. Online schools can eliminate some of these things. 2.You child is being bullied. Online students do not have to worry about being picked on by other students. 3.Your child is hanging with the wrong crowds. 4.Your child wishes to get ahead, or your child is falling behind and needs to make...
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Preparing for High School Classes Online

  Education is the right of every person irrespective of age and gender. But there are some unlucky people who miss out the opportunity of higher studies due to family issues or the burden of responsibilities. But in this age of technology, no one will be deprived of their birth right to education with the help of internet high school courses. These courses are very productive and effective for a brighter future of the candidate. If you complete your high school from an accredited online school then you can also get the golden opportunity to continue your studies to the higher level of college. Studying online does not depart you from your duties and neither does it come between your professional life, rather it adds to your degrees and helps you to learn something more advanced....
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Complete Your Education With An Online High School

  Is something preventing you or your child from obtaining their high school diploma? Have you completed most of the requirements, but just have a few classes left to graduate? Many students find themselves dropping out of high school just shy of the credits they need to graduate. Any reason can be a cause for a student to drop out. Pregnant teenagers may find that they can no longer attend school during later stages of pregnancy and after they give birth. Some students have medical conditions forcing them to postpone their education. For others, they may experience a death in the family or other life altering events that force them to put their education on hold. These students may have completed most of their high school requirements, but might fall short a few credits. For...
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