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Homeschooling Online

Homeschooling with online classes can help students learn motivation, discipline, independence, time management, and many twenty-first century skills. The students will find information, synthesize it and formulate an answer to any sort of question on their own. Some more advantages of high school homeschooling are the following: Students share perspectives   Students experience a sense of equality   Instructors accessible via phone or Skype   Accommodates different styles of learning   Provides huge opportunities for exploration   Provides 24/7 accessibility to the course materials   First class education regardless of your location   The ability to study anytime and learn from the comfort of your home   A successful college preparation program...
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High School Diploma Online?

    Is something preventing you or your child from obtaining their high school diploma? Have you completed most of the requirements, but just have a few classes left to graduate? Many students find themselves dropping out of high school just shy of the credits they need to graduate. Any reason can be a cause for a student to drop out. Pregnant teenagers may find that they can no longer attend school during later stages of pregnancy and after they give birth. Some students have medical conditions forcing them to postpone their education. For others, they may experience a death in the family or other life altering events that force them to put their education on hold. These students may have completed most of their high school requirements, but might fall short a few credits....
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Online High School Partners For Dual Diploma

Education is key to employee opportunities, and leading education provider American High School is leading an effort to educate workforce employees to enhance their lives and increase their life opportunities. American High School is partnering with companies throughout the world giving individuals interested in earning an AdvancED/SACS/NCA accredited high school diploma the ability to obtain their diploma online at their own pace on their own time. The program developed by American High School promotes workforce education and cuts the time it takes to earn a high school diploma. “We’re thrilled to offer this exciting new program, which will provide better education for employees that just don’t have the time or opportunity to go back to school full time”, says Michael...
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Find An Accredited Online High School

Accreditation is the best way to pick out the highest quality schools and prevent yourself from getting scammed. But what if you find a really great online high school that offers great classes, but it isn’t accredited? Is it really that bad to take classes at an unaccredited school? In short, yes. The first reason taking classes from a non-accredited school is bad is that you likely won’t get a good education. For a school to not be accredited, it either didn’t put in the effort to attempt accreditation (a bad sign, considering how important it is), or it failed the accreditation process because it didn’t meet certain education standards. Simply put, this means that you will be taking classes from a school that hasn’t been found to provide a quality education. Any person can set up a...
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Online High School For Your Children?

Addressing My Concerns About Online High School Taking the leap to have my child receive her high school education through online schooling is not a decision that I took lightly. I had a long list of concerns and reasons that I felt this might not be the right path for her. How would I decide such an important matter? Some of the biggest concerns I had about enrolling her in a virtual high school included:   I am not qualified to teach at the high school level For one thing, my own education and my ability to educate her and prepare her for college were not areas I felt confident about. I did not finish my own college education. I certainly was not equipped to step in as the role of a teacher and prepare this kid, who already studied subjects that were “above my pay grade” for a...
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Enjoy The Benefits Of Online Summer School From The Beach!

Summer school is wonderful for those students who aim high in academics. In this highly competitive world,  summer school can provide students an opportunity to get ahead or makeup classes they need to graduate.   Many students avoid summer school because they do not want to be stuck in a classroom while their friends are enjoying the beach. But today, students have another option. American High School offers an online summer school program. Enrolling into this program will allow you to complete summer courses from anywhere with internet access. So now you can hang out with your friends and family without hampering your grades. Attend classes at the park, beach, or wherever you have access to a computer and internet. Now, you can work anytime of the day, around your summer...
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