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Improve Your Child’s Online Education

  This piece offers fathers and mothers simple strategies that will empower them to improve the quality of their child’s life. Some of the strategies offered include emphasizing good nutrition and talking about peer pressure. Generally, parents place top priority on ensuring that their children evolve into happy beings who have high self-esteem and a desire to contribute positively to the world around them. Here are three parenting techniques you can use to make it happen:   1. Emphasize Good Nutrition. One of the best ways to improve the quality of your child’s life is by emphasizing good nutrition. As many health experts know, food plays an integral role in mood stability, weight management, physiological development, and metabolism. As such, you want to make sure that your...
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An online school with Extracurricular Activities

Choosing an online middle school or an online high school can be a difficult task. Parents want the best for their children, but every child is different. Some children might need extra teacher support, while others may work better on their own. Other children can be visual and work better with videos, while other students may perform better from listening to a teacher lecture. When selecting a program that is right for your child, these are some things you need to consider. Does the program offer teacher support? Is the program flexible and self-paced? Is the program interactive? These are just a few things you may consider. Many parents, however, are concerned about their children being isolated. They are worried about their children no longer socializing with their local...
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Online High Schools Lowering Dropout Rates

With the growth of online high schools, many students that would have previously dropped out of high school are able to obtain their high school diploma. Unfortunately, in the U.S. we still have roughly 1.2 million dropouts per year. That’s basically one student that drops out every 26 seconds(7,000/day). Not only that, roughly 25% of high school freshmen fail to graduate from high school on time. Don’t let your children become a statistic. There are options for students that have trouble getting through high school. American High School in Fort Lauderdale Florida provides a fully accredited middle and high school education for any student that cannot attend traditional brick and mortar schools for any reason. These are some of the situations American High School can assist...
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An Online School For My Children

Most of us know someone who has been homeschooled or has attended an online school. Many of us wondered why a family would choose to homeschool. In the past, online programs and homeschools were viewed with disdain. Times have changed though, and online schools have become an acceptable form of schooling and can even exceed the education received at a traditional brick and mortar school. There are many reasons for the increase in enrollment in online schools. Poor schools are at the top of the list. Many schools just fail to provide a quality educational experience. The school environment, students, teachers, and classrooms provide a negative experience for many students. Peer pressures(gangs, drugs, fighting, dating) can really weigh down on a student and affect their performance....
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Life of an Online High School Student

There are many different reasons a student may need to attend an online school, but regardless of the reason, students from around the world are seeking online schools as an alternative way to obtain their high school diploma. As an online middle school and online high school student, your day is structured a lot differently than a student who attends a public or private brick and mortar school. These students are traditionally confined to classrooms for 7-8 hours or longer per day. In the online high school setting, these rules no longer apply. Many online schools today offer a flexible schedule where students can work at their own pace. Some online schools offer 24/7 access to courses where students can create their own schedule. Many of these schools require half the amount of time...
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Online High Schools: Another option

  Many of you don’t even consider an online school when weighing your options for the new school year. Normally, you would have your choice of the one or two district schools, possibly a private school if you can afford the high tuition. But, what if for some reason, your child couldn’t attend one of those schools?               There are so many reasons why your child may need another option from medical reasons, drugs and gangs at school, ADHD, bullying, anxiety, pregnancy, frequent relocation, etc. What if you simply weren’t happy with your choices and wanted another option? Online high schools are becoming more acceptable as an alternative option to obtain your high school diploma, however, there is still a stigma...
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