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What is Digital Citizenship?

Teachers have long understood the importance of instilling good citizenship in their students, focusing on social etiquette and how to treat their peers with respect in the course of their daily lives. Today, though, it’s just as important that students understand what kinds of behaviors are acceptable online. Instilling the principles of good digital citizenship can help students become smart, responsible, and respectful members of their online communities. What Is Digital Citizenship? We spend much of our lives today participating in virtual communities — like our social media networks, online forums, and even the comments sections of websites and blogs. Just as there are rules and norms that dictate what it means to be a good citizen in our real-life communities, there are ways to...
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Engage Your Students!

The image of the bored, half-asleep, daydreaming teen sitting in a high school classroom is all too familiar for teachers. Most teenagers seem to treat school days like a prison sentence. A recent pollfound that the top two words teenagers most associate with school are “bored” and “tired,” and this probably isn’t all that surprising. With schedules that are often packed with difficult classes, homework, and extracurricular activities, teenagers likely find sitting in a desk for hours a day to be pretty low on the excitement scale. As teachers, the task of keeping students interested and engaged can often feel like a steep challenge. Teachers are competing with endless distractions, sleepiness, and a general lack of motivation. It may be a challenge to find new and inventive ways to...
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Great Study Tips For Students

When we think of “studying,” we probably have similar images in mind: long, endless hours sitting in the same spot, pouring over the same material, trying almost desperately to commit it to memory. These tedious study methods are often seen as tried and true, despite no actual scientific evidence proving that they are. Maybe you had some random success after pulling an all-nighter, or your friend managed to get an A on a test they waited until the last minute to prepare for, but these shouldn’t be the study habits you resort to on a regular basis. In fact, always studying in the same room, studying a single subject for long periods of time, and other often-shared study tips have actually been proven to be unhelpful. So, if those famous study methods aren’t the ones that work, then...
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What Colleges Should You Apply To?

Choosing a college to apply can be quite confusing for most of the students, as you don`t want to make a mistake. We have prepared for you the list of 5 colleges that every student can apply to. The list includes the dream school as well as the low-cost school. It`s important to know what to expect from a new college life. The dream school The first place on our list takes the dream school. That’s the one we have been dreaming of since our childhood. Some students may dream to attend the Ivy League Schools, which are unreal to enter. Sometimes the society or our relatives can set such a goal or dream, but this doesn`t mean to surely happen. So, the reality is what you can achieve, having appropriate financial and academical capabilities. Even if the chances to enter the establishment...
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TED Talks provide an opportunity for us to hear from some amazing innovators in education such as this one with Salman Khan, creator of Khan Academy. Many schools use Khan Academy as a resource for their students. Khan Academy has some wonderful videos to supplement the educational materials provided by many schools. American High School students use Khan Academy to reinforce many of the lessons they have learned and for SAT preparation.   Listen to the creator of Khan Academy to learn more about this amazing platform.  
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Online Schools in Blended Learning Environments

  Educators and researchers alike love to obsess over what model of blended learning a school should implement. A favorite question I get asked is: “OK, now that you’ve told us about all the blended-learning models, be honest, what’s the best one?” My answer? There is no “best model” of blended learning. The best model is the right model for your school—or classroom—given your circumstances, students, and objectives. Other times people get stuck obsessing about innovating with the newest variant of a blended-learning model or trying to implement the “most disruptive” type. Again, this is the wrong starting point. People often forget that yesterday’s news—the blended-learning “stalwarts” like the Station Rotation model—haven’t been around for all that long. Just a few years ago...
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