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Summer Learning With Online Classes

For many children, summer is about going to camp, playing with friends, and relaxing by the pool, but summer can also be a great time to prepare for the upcoming school year. Many kids fall behind during the summer. Summer can be an opportunity to take online classes to get ahead or just keep engaged. There are so many activities children can participate in over the summer that are terrific learning experiences. For as long as there has been summer, there’s been summer camp. By sending your child to a camp that supports his or her interest allows them to learn from peers and camp counselors while gaining a deeper understanding of the camp’s topic. When camp is over, engage with your child to see what they learned. Ask questions, there’s probably an opportunity for follow-up. Why not...
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American High School Dual Diploma Program

American High School partners with schools in Countries throughout the world to offer a U.S. education to schools looking to offer their students an opportunity to earn a dual diploma. Many of our partners offer their students an opportunity to earn a U.S. high school diploma or dual diploma(one from their country and the U.S.). We have partners in many countries including China, Bulgaria, and Spain currently offering a dual diploma program for their students. If you are looking to partner with American High School to offer students an opportunity to earn an accredited U.S. diploma, a Dual Diploma, or just learn English through our large catalog of interactive lessons, please contact us at 866-306-0247.   Check out the latest Newsletter from our Spanish partners, Language...
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An online school for your children

Choosing an online middle school or an online high school can be a difficult task. Parents want the best for their children, but every child is different. Some children might need extra teacher support, while others may work better on their own. Other children can be visual and work better with videos, while other students may perform better from listening to a teacher lecture. When selecting a program that is right for your child, these are some things you need to consider. Does the program offer teacher support? Is the program flexible and self-paced? Is the program interactive? These are just a few things you may consider. Many parents, however, are concerned about their children being isolated. They are worried about their children no longer socializing with their local...
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Don’t be scammed by unaccredited online schools

With an increase in the demand for online education, new online schools have been popping up everywhere. Some of these schools have gone through a rigorous process of accreditation, reviewing their policies, procedures, and operations. Unfortunately, many others are simply diploma mills looking to take your hard earned money and give you nothing in return. Accreditation is the best way to pick out the highest quality schools and prevent yourself from getting scammed. But what if you find a really great online high school that offers great classes, but it isn’t accredited? Is it really that bad to take classes at an unaccredited school? In short, yes. The first reason taking classes from a non-accredited school is bad is that you likely won’t get a good education. For a school to not...
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Is Homeschool the Answer?

Most of us know someone who has been homeschooled or has attended an online school. Many of us wondered why a family would choose to homeschool. In the past, online programs and homeschool were viewed with disdain. Times have changed though, and online schools have become an acceptable form of schooling and can even exceed the education received at a traditional brick and mortar school. There are many reasons for the increase in enrollment in online schools. Poor schools are at the top of the list. Many schools just fail to provide a quality educational experience. The school environment, students, teachers, and classrooms provide a negative experience for many students. Peer pressures(gangs, drugs, fighting, dating) can really weigh down on a student and affect their performance....
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Students With Anxiety Head To Online Schools

Kids today are under a lot of pressure. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, anxiety is on the rise in middle and high school students. With all the academic worries, peer pressure, and pressure to fit in, more and more tweens and teenagers are being diagnosed with anxiety disorders. Many of these children have to see therapists and take medication to deal with their anxiety. Thankfully, there may be a better solution for these children. At American High School in Plantation, Florida, students complete all their work online and do not have to deal with the same issues and concerns students of traditional schools deal with. Here, students can work in a safe environment that is...
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