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Online School/homeschool: Is it the right choice for your children?


download (29)Homeschooling is not for everyone. Many parents have had their doubts about homeschooling and online schools since growing up in a time when homeschoolers were often looked at as outcasts. It is hard to change those beliefs, but with some huge advancements in technology, homeschools and online schools of today are much different. These advancements make educating your children at home a real option for many families.

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Is homeschooling right for your child? That is the question. All children are different, and while working on their own at home may be the dream of many children, it may not be the best form of education for many others. Students that are independent and responsible seem to adjust best to homeschool and online programs. Students need to have a certain level of discipline because no one is going to tell your child when to log in and do their work. Also, your children have to be comfortable enough to ask teachers for help when they need it. Many homeschool programs today provide access to certified teachers, but it is the student responsibility to request that help. If your children are not independent enough to ask teachers questions on their own(via email, phone, chat), then these programs might not be suited for them. While online programs and homeschools have many advantages including providing a safe, stress free, nurturing environment for students to complete their work, and the ability to move at your own pace, some students simply perform better immersed in the classroom setting they are used to. Some students need the structure and face-to-face instruction that traditional schools can (27)


As a parent, your responsibility is knowing your child and determining if they can handle working on their own. Will your child be ok working from home instead of the classroom setting surrounded by his/her peers? Does your child have the discipline and responsibility to complete their work on their own and seek teacher assistance and guidance without help from either parent? If so, an online program or homeschool might be just what your child needs to nurture their growth.

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