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Students Switching Over To Online Schools

Several weeks into Fall semester, Johnny Kasik is finally comfortable with his new school. It took a little adjusting, but now Johnny is loving his classes. This morning Johnny woke up at 9am, jumping out of bed to get dressed, before realizing he didn’t need to. This year, Johnny’s parents enrolled him into American High School of Fort Lauderdale, FL. It is their first time experiencing an online school, and so far, they could not be more pleased.

“We were worried it would take a huge adjustment, but the school was great at walking us through every step. We had an online orientation the day we enrolled and we were assigned a counselor that welcomed us and walked us through the entire process,” said Mrs. Kasik, Johnny’s mother. “We were worried that Johnny would have a hard time adjusting, or that he would feel isolated at home, but he loves it.” Like Johnny, many students are switching to online programs after public schools are no longer able to meet their needs. Johnny was struggling in Algebra last year and his teachers were not successful at helping him. Over the summer, Johnny had to retake Algebra at another school, but still struggled. “We knew we needed another solution to help him, but didn’t know what to do. A private tutor would have been too expensive. Luckily, Johnny had a friend that had attended American High School for the past two years that recommended the school to us. We were very hesitant to switch over, but after seeing Johnny struggle so much, we knew we had to make a change.” So far, Johnny has an 88% in math and could not be happier. “You can see the change in attitude with Johnny. He is no longer so stressed out. It is so nice to see him more relaxed.”

The flexible, self-paced program allows students to work at a pace more comfortable for them. They can move as quickly or as slowly as they need. When kids need help, they can Skype with a certified teacher who will assist them with whatever they are struggling with. Students no longer have to worry about peer pressure, bullies, gangs and fighting. Without these stresses, students can focus on their education. “It makes a huge difference, not having to worry,” says Johnny’s mom. “We didn’t realize the impact that environment was having and didn’t expect to see this difference. It is amazing.”

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  1. Maribel Bergil Reply

    I am a single mother of 3 I have been out of work for almost 4 years and am looking to better my self, I was also told to ask about financial aid. I I’m new to this neo I have no clue how it works

    • Courtney Day Reply

      Unfortunately, many online programs are private institutions that charge a tuition, and most do not offer financial aid. There are some state run online programs that are free, however, there may be certain regulations or waiting lists. Programs like American High School offer monthly payment options as well. They will all guide you on how to switch over.

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