Study Tips For Middle and High School Students

When we think of “studying,” we probably have similar images in mind: long, endless hours sitting in the same spot, pouring over the same material, trying almost desperately to commit it to memory. These tedious study methods are often seen as tried and true, despite no actual...
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Is it time to offer an online program?

It’s that time again. School administrators across the nation are starting to plan for next year. Staffing, enrollment numbers, and course offerings are all being considered. Stick with the status quo or step out of those comfort zones? And more often than not, as all of...
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Learning No Longer Limited to the Classroom

Google searches for “classroom design” or “science of classroom design” yield helpful results on how to set up your classroom for student success. Yet, with the increasing use of educational technology, student learning isn’t limited to the physical...
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Engaging Students In Online Classes

There are amazing ways to elevate and energize instruction through using technology tools. One resource that’s popular with students of all ages — from the youngest to the oldest — is the video hosting website YouTube. YouTube lets anyone with a free account...
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Summer Learning With Online Classes

For many children, summer is about going to camp, playing with friends, and relaxing by the pool, but summer can also be a great time to prepare for the upcoming school year. Many kids fall behind during the summer. Summer can be an opportunity to take online classes to get ahead...
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Students With Anxiety Head To Online Schools

Kids today are under a lot of pressure. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, anxiety is on the rise in middle and high school students. With all the academic worries, peer pressure, and pressure to fit in, more and more tweens and teenagers are being diagnosed with anxiety...
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