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Protect Your Children From Inappropriate Content In Online Courses

The Internet is  loaded with  “inappropriate content.” Your children may try searching for such content, or they may stumble upon it accidentally. Regardless, it’s very easy to find if the websites containing the content are not blocked. Invest in parental control software such...
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Online High School Reviews

Looking for an online school you can count on? How do you know if the program you selected is the right one for you and your children? At American High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, our parents and students are our best promoters! Hear from people that have attended the...
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Get Your Summer Enrichment From The Comfort Of Home

What do your children have planned this summer? If you haven’t considered it, summer school may be a way for them to accelerate their graduation, take some enrichment courses, or even makeup classes. American High School Offers: Year-Round Enrollment Self-Paced, Flexible...
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Complete Your Education With An Online High School

    Is something preventing you or your child from obtaining their high school diploma? Have you completed most of the requirements, but just have a few classes left to graduate? Many students find themselves dropping out of high school just shy of the credits they need...
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Give Wings To Your Dream With Online High School Courses

Give wings to your educational dreams with internet high school courses. Education can improve the quality of your life and the society at large. Online courses provide you the opportunity to effectively complete your courses in a user friendly online environment. online high...
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Why Learn Online?

American High School understands that some students want to accelerate the learning process and graduate early. Summer courses are great for acceleration. You can even take one or two extra credits online during your school year to get ahead. Online middle and high school is...
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Reasons to Check Out an Online School Today

There are a number of excellent reasons to consider an American High School education for your student. At American High School, students work at a pace that is comfortable for them in an environment free of peer pressure. Students are able to put all their focus toward their...
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Provide Your Children The Education They Deserve. It is your responsibility!

The time is now! Do not waste any more time. Your children cannot afford to fall further behind. If your school is not able to help your child, you deserve better. Your children deserve better. Most students do not fit into the cookie cutter mold that most public, private, and...
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Online High Schools: Another option

  Many of you don’t even consider an online school when weighing your options for the new school year. Normally, you would have your choice of the one or two district schools, possibly a private school if you can afford the high tuition. But, what if for some reason,...
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Teacher Assistance in an Online School Environment

How do you rate an online school? Is it based on curriculum? Accreditation? Customer service? While all those are important, one thing you will really want to consider is the type, amount, and level of teacher support. Today, homeschools and online schools can have different...
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