Accreditation is Key!

If the School You Choose Is Not Accredited, Your Credits will Not Be Accepted in College or the Workplace.

Why Accreditation is Important

The Importance of Accreditation with an accredited institution, a student has some assurance of receiving a quality education and gaining recognition by other colleges and by employers of the course credits and degrees earned. Accreditation is an affirmation that a college provides a quality of education that the general public has the right to expect and that the educational community recognizes.

Our Mission

The mission of American High School - Home School is to provide students with a rigorous and flexible education that will prepare them for a 21st century workplace. We offer a full range of programs from technical to academic. American High School offers online courses that create opportunities for students to achieve access, excellence, and equity in education.

Our Purpose

We offer a complete, online, college preparatory curriculum for grades 6-12, SAT/ACT Test preparation, Dual Credit, Honors, AP, and Tutoring programs. The administrators, teachers and staff are committed to helping students reach their highest academic potential. We believe that families play an important role in helping ensure their academic success.

Accredited by AdvancED

With so many schools to choose from, getting your education online may seem like a harrowing process. You may be concerned about the cost of tuition (Click to Compare other school's) or the length of a degree program, but what if you completed your education only to learn that your degree is worthless?

Checking a school’s accreditation is the most important step to choosing the best online school for you. While there is no national Board of Education that accredits schools or universities, the U.S. Department of Education oversees all accrediting bodies and is a good place to look when checking a school’s credentials.

American High School, a private school, delivers accredited, affordable, college preparatory and career-based online education for Grades 6-12 to students throughout the U.S. and Internationally. Students receive both core curriculum and career-based online courses in the areas of Healthcare, Game design, Criminal Justice, and Information Technology.

Enrolling in American High School will lead to successfully earning a fully accredited High School Diploma. Parents and students may choose one or more grade levels according to the previous credits that have been earned from a previous high school or home school. Click on the “Courses” link to see a sample of courses for each grade level. Please be advised this is only a sample. After your advisor evaluates your previous high school transcript or middle school report card, an individualized academic program will be developed for your specific needs. American High School will request your previous high school transcript.

In order to graduate students must demonstrate that they have successfully completed 24 courses that equal 24 credits (this may be a combination of credits earned from a previous high school and credits earned at American High School). A final exit exam is not required. Once all academic and financial requirements have been completed the student will earn their fully accredited high school diploma.


AdvancED is the unified organization of the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). AdvancED provides nationally recognized accreditation for school districts and individual schools and represents 27,000 public and private schools and districts across the United States and in 65 countries worldwide, educating 15 million students.



CITA was formed in 1994 by regional accrediting organizations in the United States following a long history of collaboration under other auspices. CITA provided systems of accreditation around the world and it provided accreditation for individual schools. In 2008, CITA was acquired by AdvancED, which continues its work. AdvancED is a private organization that accredits primary and secondary schools throughout the United States and Internationally. The organization is based in Georgia. AdvancED was formed in 2006 by the consolidation of the pre-college divisions of two of the U.S. regional accreditation organizations: the Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA CASI), and the Council on Accreditation and School Improvement of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS CASI).

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