More Reasons to Become American High School Online Affiliate

You'll make money!

Members of the Affiliate Network receive a percentage of the sale price of every product sold through their participation with the program. Commissions are credited every time an order is placed from a link on the affiliate's site.

Competitive prices

This program is one of the most affordable programs available. By joining the Affiliate Network, you can offer students a high quality, affordable, accredited online curriculum for grades 6-12.

You'll stay informed

We utilize state-of-the-art affiliate tracking software. This software provides current sales reporting that allows you to know exactly how much you have earned.

You'll receive personalized assistance

This program is easy to set up with personalized assistance from a team of professional educators and marketing experts who will assist in making this a profitable and rewarding venture.

You can enhance your site

By becoming an affiliate, you'll be enhancing your site by providing your visitors with attractive advertisements.

Affiliate Program- The sky is the limit

Join-AffiliateIf your website generates a lot of traffic OR if you have a great network of schools or homeschoolers you have what it takes to earn great commissions. One of our Online Virtual School's top affiliates earned over $4,500 (US) in just 1 month! It took ONLY 15 enrollments to achieve this result. Anything is possible thanks to the fact that over 3 million students are homeschooled every year with that number growing at an average rate of 30% yearly. The school has an annual growth rate of 30 percent, constantly growing and expanding.

  • State of the art online learning interface
  • Fully Accredited online curriculum
  • Over 150 online full and half credit courses
  • Your kids (or anyone you choose) can go to school tuition free
  • Dedicated affiliate team
  • Third-party commission, reporting and tracking check ups
  • Bonus rewards for top affiliates/sellers
  • Two tier commission structure makes earning potential even higher.

Affiliate Program

  • Increased Commission After 25 Sales

    The courses offered by our Online Virtual School stretch in price from $325.00 (individual courses) up to $1,695.00 (full year of 6 courses). This means that your commission also can differ from 20% of $325 up to 20% of $1,695.00. The only thing that’s certain is that after 25 sales your commission will increase from 20% to 25%.
  • Top-Notch affiliate program

    As this affiliate program has something to offer everyone, regardless of age, you won't have to worry as much about the hassle of referring your web sites visitors. Sometimes it can be good to have a niche audience but it can also be a good thing to promote something suitable for the big crowds. Sign up now and start making money from your web site or blog, facebook, twitter, or email!
  • American High School Affiliate Referral Program

    A great way to generate revenue or earn income! If you are a parent, entrepreneur, manager of a homeschool website, or part of an educational support organization, this is a great way to generate revenue and help homeschoolers at the same time! You don't have to have a website to participate in our affiliate program, as we provide all of our affiliates their very own affiliate website.
  • Who Uses Our Program

    Our virtual school program is being used by individuals, public/private schools as well as homeschool organizations and associations throughout the U.S. and internationally. Graduates from the program have been readily accepted by colleges and universities throughout the world. Join now and start making money with our virtual education solution for those students who are experiencing issues with the traditional learning systems. Why join the aVirtual Home School Affiliate Program? Earn 20% commission on every enrollment initiated from a link on your website or email
  • How does it work? Affiliate Partner Program allows you to generate revenue from your website or email. Earn revenues by promoting our school brand from your site using the approved links we provide to you. Sign up as an affiliate; then, add links/banner ads, etc. to your website. Our enrollment service has a sophisticated enrollment tracking system. Anyone referred through your site (even if they come back weeks later) who enrolls a student, will be credited to you. You earn 20% for every enrollment from your site, no matter when the enrollment takes place.
Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate
  • Bi-Monthly payments (get paid every two weeks)
  • 90-day cookie period
  • Free courses One (1) free course upon joining as an affiliate for the student of your choice
  • Free tuition - One (1) year free tuition if twenty (20) new students are referred and accepted in one month. The free tuition offer can go to the student(s) of your choice
  • Knowledgeable and responsive affiliate management assistance is readily available
  • Exclusive coupons for tuition promotions
  • Exclusive discounts on technology related equipment
  • Creative banners and other marketing aids customized for your use
This program is well suited for sites with traffic from parents, families, grandparents, home schools, home school associations, public and private schools and women age 25-45.


  • Example Scenario working Part-time
    SOLD A MONTH(Part-time)
    6th Grade$1,095.00$219.00$2.190.00$26.280.00
    7th Grade$1,195.00$239.00$2,390.00$28,680.00
    8th Grade$1,295.00$259.00$2,590.00$31,080.00
    9th Grade$1,395.00$279.00$2,790.00$33,480.00
    10th Grade$1,495.00$299.00$2,990.00$35,880.00
    11th Grade$1,595.00$319.00$3,190.00$38,280.00
    12th Grade$1,695.00$339.00$3,390.00$40,680.00
  • Example Scenario working Part-time
    Individual Course$325.00$65.00$650.00$7,800.00
  • Example Scenario working Part-time
    SOLD A MONTH(Part-time)
    6th Grade$1,095.00$54.75$547.50$6,570.00
    7th Grade$1,195.00$59.75$597.50$7,170.00
    8th Grade$1,295.00$64.75$647.50$7,770.00
    9th Grade$1,395.00$69.75$697.50$8,370.00
    10th Grade$1,495.00$74.75$747.50$8,970.00
    11th Grade$1,595.00$79.75$797.50$9,570.00
    12th Grade$1,695.00$84.75$847.50$10,170.00
  • Example Scenario working Part-time
    Individual Course$325.00$16.25$162.50$1,950.00
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