Welcome American High School Students

Welcome to Belhaven University! We are excited to partner with American High School to provide students with college credit as you work to earn your high school diploma.

Among Christian colleges and universities, Belhaven University stands at the forefront —both for its enduring commitment to the liberal arts as well as to the integration of the Christian faith into the classroom. We take seriously the idea of Christian higher education, pushing students to think critically in a wide array of disciplines and providing an environment that is academically rigorous while being supportive of students and their success.

Options to earn college credit for high school students:

  • 1. Belhaven Online Single Class Option

    Belhaven offers general education classes where high school students can receive dual enrollment credit for taking undergraduate courses. You can chose to take one class, or many classes. Below is a list of courses you can register for and take online. Price is $695.00 per course, plus the cost of books.
    Old TestamentComposition and Rhetoric
    New TestamentEffective Research WritingContemporary World History
    Biology ISurvey of World Lit IInfluence of Christianity in World Culture
    Biology IISurvey of World Lit IIChristian Perspective
  • 2. High Scholars Program Option

    This program was designed by Belhaven University especially for high school and gap year students who wish to take college credit courses from home. This unique dual enrollment program provides a seamless educational integration of history, literature and the arts from a Biblical perspective, providing a Christian learning experience that goes beyond mere facts to bring students to a profound understanding of the worldviews and cultures that shaped Western civilization. Students can earn up to 24 college credits over two years. Real time online classrooms are ideal for high school students in a homeschool or private school setting. Web conferencing, an easy to use learning management system, and accessible Christian faculty and staff make distance education personal and meaningful. Students participate in weekly on-mic discussions with teachers and classmates from all over the world, while developing a personal worldview that is biblically sound.
    High Scholars 2013-2014
    (with college credit)
    Year 1Year 2
    Resource Fee$300.00$125.00
    Total $2,790.00$2,615.00

Application Process:

  • Select which format you prefer to take courses: Single Class Option or High Scholars
  • Fill out the online application and pay the $25 application online. Pay online
  • Submit a signed High School transcript. This transcript can be created and signed by the parent if Home Schooled.
  • Submit an official ACT or SAT score report. Belhaven’s ACT institutional code is 2180; its SAT code is 1055. Minimum requirement for acceptance is 21 ACT composite or 950 combined critical reading and math SAT score. Testing information can be found by clicking on ACT or SAT.
  • Provide a letter of recommendation. (An essay, interview, and letter of recommendation may be submitted voluntarily by the student or may be requested by the admission office if student does not meet minimum requirements for acceptance.)
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