Gain an introduction to the rich tradition of British literature as you earn high school credit. In this innovative online course, you'll examine major works of fiction and drama from some of Britain's great authors and develop critical reading skills.
In four units, this course covers two major authors from the British tradition. In Units 1 and 2, you'll read Joseph Conrad's novel Heart of Darkness and examine the author's classic use of symbolism and his exploration of the themes of imperialism, society versus the self, and innocence versus goodness. Then, in Units 3 and 4, you'll turn to the drama with a study of Shakespeare's tragedy Othello, considering motivation, characterization, and the theme of love versus duty.
Since the course is presented online, you can study wherever and whenever you want as you work at your own pace. You'll also benefit from the support of a dedicated and experienced instructor who will guide your learning throughout the course. It's a great solution for anyone who needs to complete this English requirement for high school graduation.
This course is offered through Career Online High School, a division of Smart Horizons Career Online High School, and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). English III: British Literature and Composition, Semester 1, is a one-semester course, and can be completed in up to four weeks. Enroll in this convenient, affordable course, and start on your path toward completing your high school education.

Semester 1 - 0.5 Credit

  • Unit 1: Heroism

    • Lesson 1: Unit Introduction
    • Lesson 2: Beowulf
    • Lesson 3: Gilgamesh and Lord of the Rings
    • Lesson 4: Sundiata
    • Lesson 5: Odyssey and Unit Project
  • Unit 2: Chivalry

    • Lesson 1: Unit Introduction
    • Lesson 2: Le Mort d' Arthur
    • Lesson 3: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
    • Lesson 4: Chaucer's Knight's Tale
    • Lesson 5: Don Quixote
    • Lesson 6: Unit Project

Semester 2 - 0.5 Credit

  • Unit 3: Satire

    • Lesson 1: Unit Introduction
    • Lesson 2: Rape of Lock
    • Lesson 3: Modest Proposal
    • Lesson 4: Gulliver's Travels
    • Lesson 5: Unit Project
  • Unit 4: Knowledge

    • Lesson 1: Unit Introduction
    • Lesson 2: Relevant Background
    • Lesson 3: Macbeth Act 1
    • Lesson 4: Macbeth Act 2
    • Lesson 5: Macbeth Act 3
    • Lesson 6: Macbeth Act 4
    • Lesson 7: Macbeth Act 5
    • Lesson 8: Unit Project
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