Creating a pathway to opportunity
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American High School, the leading provider of online middle school and high school courses (Grades 6-12) today announced it has received NCAA approval.
“American High School wants to provide every tool and resource available to every kind of student to help them on their journey to greatness,” said Michael Segelnick, Principal of American High School. “We are so proud to offer a platform that is as dynamic as it is malleable and we are committed to helping all students create an individual path to their future.” American High School’s accredited program gives families the solace in knowing their children will neither hinder nor jeopardize their education while pursuing their athletic careers,” added Segelnick.
The recognition by the National Collegiate Athletic Association is a pivotal validation for American High School and the online education space as a whole as enrollment numbers continue to rise year-over-year. Current statistics reveal students are flocking to this alternative education platform that is flexible, adaptable, and ultimately facilitates their long-term scholastic and athletic objectives. According to the NCAA, there are nearly eight million students currently participating in high school athletics in the United States, with more than 460,000 competing as NCAA athletes. The facts show the likelihood of an NCAA athlete earning a college degree is significantly greater, and AHS was determined to earn this certification to empower and enable student athletes to avoid any interruption in their studies while they pursue their dreams.
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