Parents and Students Love American High School

Take some time to review all the positive comments that we receive daily.

Some of the Testimonials from Parents & Students

Getting good grades and proving to myself that I have what it takes if I try hard.

I love how incredibly willing everyone and anyone is to help and how accessible they are.

I have loved having the opportunity to learn in a quiet environment.

Loved the fact that I worked better because I did not feel pressured and stressed.

I have learned so much since I started. This school makes education both fun and challenging. I am very glad to be a student here. I appreciate all of the help I have received from my teachers. I would be very proud to mention this school to a friend or family member. This school has helped so much as far as education. I love this school and I will probably be here next year. Thank You!

Student Testimonials 11e

I like the chat rooms and how easy the site is to navigate! I also appreciate the ability to email my teachers when I have a question. My online homeschool prior to this one had none of those features.

Student Testimonials 11c

I was able to learn one on one with myself and the teacher, and that’s a nice opportunity to receive.

Student Testimonials 11b

This was the most challenging experience I have been through but one of the most satisfying too. Thank you so much!

Student Testimonials 10i

My most favorite experiences were the virtual labs.

Student Testimonials 10h

Getting to learn what it is to not sit in an actual school and learning how to be independent.

Student Testimonials 10g

When there aren’t any teachers standing beside you to teach you the subject makes you to pay more attention to each subject and to learn more. This is what I like about this school.

Student Testimonials 10f

One of my favorite experiences at this school was sending in my first assignment, I had worked very hard on it and I was very happy with my results.

Student Testimonials 10e

I like my school. Whenever some of my old classmates ask me where I am, I always reply I’m home schooled. And they’ll say “Oh, that’s so cool, how do you like it? I wish I was home schooled”. I think it’s pretty interesting.

Student Testimonials 10c

I love making videos and expressing myself!

Student Testimonials 10a

I was able to go through at my pace. At times I was able to fly through a section, and other times I could take as much needed time to digest certain material in the sections.

Student Testimonial

The teachers. They are great, they care, they explain things and they give you the chance to succeed!

Student Testimonials 9i

Being able to learn and study at home and go out during free time instead of spending almost the whole day at school and studying after school. I can even have time for a tutor now and there are a lot of courses you won’t find at a public school here!

Student Testimonials 9g

I can work at anytime I please but still have to do a certain amount of hours. I really love that.

Student Testimonials 9f

Learning interesting new facts about topics that I just briefly touched on in public school were my most favorite experiences at this school.

Student Testimonials 9e

I’m not done with my courses yet but so far I enjoy being able to work at my own pace allowing me to go back to the course and re-read as much as necessary to be able to understand.

Student Testimonials 9c

I enjoyed that I could get an education without all the troubles public school brought. I also really liked that every teacher was always available to me if I needed their help.

Student Testimonials 9b

My greatest benefits in taking an Internet class would be having the ability and option to understand the material better and be able to do the work on my own time when it is easiest for myself.

Student Testimonials 9a

This was a pretty good course, and I was happy it wasn’t full of extra content that would serve me little to no purpose. It was right to the point of just about everything.

Student Testimonials 8h

I loved this class. I thought it was really fun and I enjoyed it very much. It helped me learn about stress and problems in my own life and taught me how to solve or at least handle my issues better. I feel I gained a lot from this course and I’m so glad I took it.

Student Testimonials 8g

This helps me better, than having to deal with a big classroom setting and only one teacher to help every single one of them. But here at AMERICAN HIGH SCHOOL, it helps me one on one with my teachers.

Student Testimonials 8f

This course was very educational and progressive for me. I really enjoyed this class and strongly agree to recommend this course to others.

Student Testimonial 8e

This course was very challenging! But it was really helpful. I recommend this course to anyone because this course doesn’t just have assignments and tests, it actually teaches you. Two thumbs up for this course.

Student Testimonial 8d

I really liked taking this online course, it was easy for me to understand and I feel that I have learned a lot more about American History

Student Testimonial 8c

I absolutely loved this course! I would strongly recommend this course to anyone & Everyone from AHS! I really learned a lot!

Student Testimonial 8a

I loved the feedback my teacher gave me on my assignments. it helped me understand what i did good and what i didn’t do that should have been done.

Student Testimonials 7p

I really learned a lot from this course. I absolutely love how it was mostly notes. Clear notes at that. They were very organized and easy to pick things out from.

Student Testimonials 7o

Well, when i first started i was getting really bad grades on tests because i didn’t have a good way to take notes. Then I talked to my friend and she told me a good way of taking notes for a class like this, where you have to read a lot. So after that my grades started improving a little bit. If I could change one thing about this course, i would just ask the teacher to make a note guide for us, that would make it a lot easier.

Student Testimonials 7n

Ms. Jennifer Conti was great. She graded the paper quickly. The only thing I had problems with Animoto Project, however she did address the situation and she did a excellent job. She gave me the direction what I needed to do. Good course

Student Testimonials 7m

I learned a lot in this course. I learned more on how to study and take notes from reading and answering the questions on the tests. This course is excellent you guys should leave this course the way it is.

Student Testimonials 7l

The teacher actually explains a wrong answer and why it is wrong.

Student Testimonials 7k

Nothing, this was course was really good. Thank you for teaching me(:

Student Testimonial 7j

Very nice class. I learned a lot. Material is interesting. I like music a lot and feel I benefited from taking this class and learned a lot of new stuff.

Student Testimonial 7i

To tell you the truth it was a very good class to take. There should not be any changes made at all.

Student Testimonial 7h

There honestly isn’t anything that I myself see that may need to be done, the course is explained well and the teacher is extremely helpful with all of my questions and concerns.

Student Testimonial 7f

This course was easy to follow and easy to learn the information! I enjoyed this class!

Student Testimonial 7e

Its perfect for any kind of student.

Student Testimonials 7d

This course is better just like it is. No need for change. 😀

Student Testimonials 7c

I loved it just the way it was Mr. Moadel is awesome

Student Testimonials 7b

I do not think anything could be done to improve this course, it is already so great.

Student Testimonials 7a

I had a few troubles with some of the labs that were in the course, but other than that, the course is excellent, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Student Testimonials 6p

I think this course was challenging but good. The number of essay’s was very overwhelming especially in a 2 month period because I took the course over the summer.

Student Testimonials 6o

I had no problems and no complaints as to how the course is currently. The only issues I ever had were with my own understanding of the material, and when asked, my teacher did help me understand what I was missing.

Student Testimonials 6n

I loved it!!! I don’t think it could get any better.

Student Testimonials 6m
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