The American Experience

American High School, the pre-eminent, fully accredited Online High School program for Grades 6-12, is offering a personalized, individualized, self-paced online education program for students all over the world. American High School is committed to bringing individualized learning to all students and removing barriers that keep students from reaching their true potential.

We encourage our students to:

Share in our excitement of learning

Achieve mastery of core knowledge

Contribute to the community

Embrace and respect diversity and change

Act with kindness and strength of character

Passionately pursue academic and extracurricular interest Reach their unique, innate personal potential

  • Accreditation is your assurance of our school's academic excellence. Our parents and students have the right to expect that our school provides a high-quality education endorsed by the education world. As an accredited school, American High School offers courses and a U.S. High School diploma accepted by schools, colleges, universities, and employers across the globe. Accreditation is an official endorsement of the academic and operational excellence at American. Accrediting bodies provide official review of school policies, procedures, academic and faculty expertise, course content and rigor, and school environment. American High School has met specific requirements and documentation of competence and expertise in these academic and operational areas, as identified by the education world and each authorizing entity. Accreditation provides assurance that your coursework through American High School is valid, recognized and transferrable.
  • Accrediting Organizations"]American High School is accredited by the following: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) an accreditation division of AdvancED (Advancing Excellence in Education). Click here to view The Certificate of Accreditation
  • The American Experience program will provide an opportunity for your school or organization to share in an additional revenue opportunity. Students enrolled into this program will follow the pricing/tuition model below; however, your organization will receive a $500 Rebate for every student who enrolls into our full time Online School program. If a student enrolls in the program part time, a $50 Rebate will be offered.
    Full TimePart Time
    Annual tuition*
    • $200 New Student Registration Fee (All Schools)
    • $2,995 (Middle School)
    • $3,995 (Upper School)
    Full-year courses
    • $350 (Middle School)
    • $450 (Upper School)
    • $450 (AP courses)
    Semester tuition
    • $1,750 (Upper School)
    • Not available for Middle School
    One-semester courses
    • $225 (Upper School)
    • $450 (AP courses)
    • Not available for Middle School
  • We are seeking educational partners to help us promote and introduce this unique and dynamic high school program in your geographic region. Once the initial pilot program has been set-up and completed, students will have access to the following programs and benefits:

    • U.S. High School Diploma
    • Dual Diploma (U.S. and China High School Diploma will be issued)
    • Dual Enrollment – Students will earn U.S. College Credits while in High School (12th grade) *See Partial College Partner List (Online Only)
    • Career Readiness : (Criminal Justice and Law, Health sciences, Game design and Programming, Web-Design Business & Entrepreneurship)*
    • Continue your U.S. education by enrolling in one of our Affiliated Colleges accredited by DETC or AdvancED and recognized by the U.S. Department of Education
    • SAT, ACT, TOEFL preparation courses.
    • AP Honors Courses
    • Membership to Student Clubs & Social Community (Face Book, Twitter, Linked-In, Pinterest, Tumbler, Google Bus, & Instagram.

    Additional Benefits:

    • Learning Management System (iStudyLMS)
    • Customized Teacher Support
    • American Teachers Bi-lingual tutors and Support (English/Chinese Dialect)
    • Individualized Learning Plan
    • Academic Coach Support
    • College and Career planning resources (grades 10-12)
    • Transcript Support Services
    • Diploma Support Services
    • Scantron Performance Testing (grades 6-12)
    • The American Experience Summer School Exchange Program (Travel to the U.S. for 2 months during the summer to experience America every year the student is enrolled)
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